Alleged street gang members accused of assault


Investigators say the gang accused of beating up a student at the school is smaller than most other gangs they've seen, and the DA's Office is cracking down on some of the alleged members with felony charges.

It was inside Klein Forest High where investigators say a group of four students was up to no good operating a common street gang.

Isaih Carnell Bradley, 17, Raheem Brown, 18, Fabian Runnels, 17, and Lovell Williams, 17, are all charged with engaging in organized criminal activity. The Klein ISD Police Department says it began investigating an assault that occurred in the stairwell of Klein Forest High on August 26. Court documents state the victim said he was walking up a stairway when he was hit, pushed into a wall and punched in the face numerous times by some students, who then ran off.

"The thought of gang activity, especially amongst our young people, is terrifying to me," said neighbor Carlondria Dixon.

What's more upsetting to some parents and concerned neighbors is the alleged gang-related beating investigators say surveillance cameras at the school captured in a stairway back in August.

Police say a large group of students who allegedly associate with a gang called "Tempted Young Goon" or "TYG" were caught on tape brutally attacking an innocent student who was walking to class.

"It really hurts my heart to see it happening," said Dixon.

Now arrest felony warrants have just been issued for four students who campus police identified from the surveillance video, which the school district has yet to release.

According to court documents, investigators reviewed surveillance video of the stairwell and identified the four teens, as well as two juveniles, as suspects. Investigators say Williams, Runnels and Brown could be seen on the tape hitting the victim.

Bradley could be seen on the video, police say, directing and coordinating a group of individuals about the assault.

Klein ISD Police say Brown, Runnels and Williams are documented as members of TYG through the Harris County Sheriff's Office. Investigators say Bradley is a suspected member or is seeking membership with the gang.

"That's really bad for our community," said parent Christina Pereyia.

Some parents like Pereyia told us they had no idea street gangs were terrorizing kids in her son's school. Pereyia wants to see one thing.

"To have more safety and take the gangs out of the school," she said.

In a statement released by Klein ISD, Superintendent Judy Rimato said, "All of our schools are classified as gang-free zones. And we take appropriate action to make sure that our students are safe."

The victim said he sustained swollen tissue around his eyes and forehead. There's still no word right now on how the victim is doing.

Bond is set at $2,000 in each case.

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