'Social selling' new trend for making extra cash


Stella & Dot is one of the fastest direct sales companies. And even in our tough economy, the company continues to grow for those who want to make it their career or a way to score free or discounted jewelry.

It's not Avon calling, it's Stella & Dot, a direct sales company that sells jewelry and accessories.

"Stella & Dot is a business for a modern day woman. You can make it your business, what you want. You can sell as little or as much jewelry as you want, it's totally your business," Stella & Dot stylist Valri Ingebrigtsen said.

Ingebrigtsen says the company wants to redefine the direct sales business, which means just letting the line sell itself without having to give that awkward sales pitch.

"It's fabulous jewelry, it sells itself," Ingebrigtsen said.

Ingebrigtsen, who quit her own jewelry business last year to sell Stella & Dot, is on track to make close to $6,000 this month.

But not everyone will make that much. Ingebrigtsen has to work full-time to reach that goal.

"I have people on my team, bright girls that just want to do one truck show a month," Ingebrigtsen said. "Sometimes, one girl is having a baby, so she's not doing any for a while, and then I have some that want to do it full time. So it's totally their business. They work as little or as much, there is no quota and it's something for everyone."

Getting started is $199 up front. That includes training materials and $450 worth of Stella & Dot jewelry, plus 50 percent off any purchases.

But keep in mind, the jewelry is not cheap. Rings at $39 and earrings start at $24. Necklaces and bracelets start at $34, and some of the more expensive pieces are over $100. That means your start-up kit does not give you a lot of jewelry to sell.

However, if you only want to have a party, and not become a stylist, you can get perks. Jill Rome is hosting her third Stella & Dot show after she received jewelry credits.

"I love the jewelry! It's really held up over the years too," Rome said. "The price rates are great, although because I have parties, I don't really have to purchase it."

Stella & Dot is not the only direct sales company making a huge splash during these tough economic times. Scentsy, a fragrance company, is thriving and opening a new distribution center in north Texas.

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