League City may cut down rare old oak tree


The 100-year-old tree is one of the oldest in League City, and it could end up being one of the city's most expensive problems.

It sits in the middle of an area the city is hoping to expand. Some residents want to save the tree, but at what cost?

To environmentalists and historians in League City, it is not just any oak tree. It's called a Compton Oak -- a rare type that grows quickly and produces large acorns. They believe it is one of the largest in the country.

Despite the deeply-rooted love for this living landmark, the city wants to cut it down to make way for a wider road to ease traffic through town.

One plan involves uprooting the tree and moving it to a nearby park. The price tag on that is $300,000.

Another possibility is building a park and rerouting Lousiana St. around the tree. That would cost the city and taxpayers $500,000.

But, if it means preserving history and beauty, residents and volunteers with the city's historical society say it's worth it.

So, what will happen to this tree? League City council members will decide at a meeting Tuesday at 6pm. We reached out to city council members for comment, but got no response.

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