Final suspect in 'movie-like' jewelry heist arrested


According to officials, Kelvin Lynn O'Brien was arrested in a Dallas nightclub Saturday night.

U.S. Marshals and a Dallas SWAT team went to a number of places overnight, based on tips. They eventually found him.

He is charged with engaging in organized criminal activity. Detectives say he was part of an experienced and well-organized burglary ring hitting high-end jewelry stores in Houston and Dallas.

The other members of the alleged theft team are O'Brien's brother -- John Dewayne O'Brien -- and Jason Clay Kennedy. They were arrested earlier this month.

According to police, the three are responsible for 30-plus jewelry heists in Texas, Oklahoma and Florida dating back 11 years. The last known is the Karat 22 store on Hillcroft near the Westpark Tollway, where police say they cut through a metal roof and then six-inch concrete and steel to get to the vault. They also ransacked the store.

Within hours, they were melting Rolexes, bracelets and necklaces, officials said.

O'Brien will soon be brought back to Houston for prosecution.

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