Disciplinary action to be taken after 'footbrawl'


Students and parents from both schools agree that what happened on the field Thursday night was totally uncalled for. So the big question now is what is HISD going to do about it?

What started as a typical high school football game between two heated rivals boiled over into a big brawl after Chavez QB Demun Mercer ran out of bounds and was hit late by Lamar's Darin McNeil.

Mercer went after McNeil, and players from both teams started going at each other and fists started flying. The coaches did their best to separate everyone and bring the situation under control.

"Some people thought it was funny. I didn't think it was funny. I just thought it was stupid. I didn't think there was a reason for them to fight," said Mercedes Aldaco, a Chavez High freshman.

Aldaco told us one of the school's coaches got hurt in the frenzy. She says he was hit in the head by a helmet and had to get stitches. Lamar parent Consuela Mayfield has a daughter in band and was watching the game on ABC13's digital channel, 13.2.

"I was so worried about her I actually drove to the school last night because the buses hadn't made it back in time and I thought it was a bigger brawl, as if the other school had followed them over here or something, but they didn't," said Mayfield.

Chavez High Coach Jason Glenn let his team know that what happened was unacceptable.

Parents and students from Chavez and Lamar agree the district must take action.

"For the students, it's not a good example for them. They are supposed to put on a good example, and it's not good," said parent Lydia Aldaco.

Lamar beat Chavez 42-16.

HISD told us late Friday afternoon that both schools will take appropriate disciplinary action.

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