Discount card helping businesses, charities


It's called the Diva Discount Card and it's $25 and good for a year. Right now, you can use it at businesses in Spring, The Woodlands and in Montgomery. The idea is for the consumer to save money at locally owned businesses and help local charities.

In this economy, most small businesses are looking for a boost. It's why Boyd Edwards started up his own business by selling a discount card called the Diva Discount Card. It's a card you can show to participating retails to get a discount.

"Our customers get a great value, it's $25. The card's good for a year; they can use it as many times as they want at as many locations," Edwards said.

What started with just a few participating business has grown to include dozens. All are small businesses hoping to get a steady stream of traffic through the doors without any upfront charge.

"We don't charge our businesses, our vendors. We don't charge them anything to belong to the card. All they have to do is give a good discount, that's all we ask," Edwards said.

At Em And Lee Boutique, located on Market Street in The Woodlands, the Diva Discount Card gets you $10 off any purchase $30 or more just by showing your card.

"I think it will draw in a lot of customers and that they will be repeat customers because they know they go here and several other places, I've heard, on Market Street and get their discounts," said Tracey Brant with Em and Lee Boutique.

Just across the street, at P-Jammies, a store focused on girls pajamas, business owner Bridgette Scott is hoping the Diva Discount Card will help her small business.

"So we do offer 15 percent off to those customers who have purchased the Diva Discount," Scott said.

But not only are customers getting a discount, Diva Discount Card founder says 30 percent of the profits from the card go directly to local food banks.

"It such a good thing to give back to the community and it feels good knowing that you are being a part of that," said Pamela Flores with Maquillage Pro Beauty.

It's why some businesses owners at Posh Salon in The Woodlands just signed up. Three small business owners there take the Diva Discount Card. They like the idea of helping the community while also helping their business.

"Times are tough and we do see a slow time right now, but everything has been picking up thanks to the Diva Discount Card," Flores said.

Flores is offering 20 percent off all her prices. So is the owner of Advanced Electrology and Skin Care. And it's 10 percent off at Christine Luxury Facials.

The Diva Discount Card costs $25 and you can buy it online. For more information about the card and participating retailers, visit

There is a versatile selection of businesses participating including restaurants, carpet cleaners and home decor stores.

You can use as many times and any of the participating businesss. The $25 card is good for a year from when you purchased it.

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