Websites let you buy, sell unused coupons


The thing about coupons is that they expire! So many people who can't use them find themselves stuck with these coupons they have invested in. Well, not anymore. You can actually sell them online.

It's part of her daily ritual. Super Saver Erin Libranda scours the web looking for the best group-buying deals.

"You can save so much money when a certain number of people buy into the deal and the deal is a go; I mean you can get up to 90 percent off regular prices," Libranda said.

But with so many social media group-buying offers, many consumers find they can no longer use their coupons because they have changed their mind or have buyers remorse.

"If you are unavailable to use it, for whatever the reason, they do not refund your purchase price," Libranda said.

But now a couple of websites are helping you recoup some of your money.

"It's kind of Craig's List for these for these group coupons, and you can post your deal, what you have, when it expires," Libranda said.

Libranda says you can generally get back the amount you paid or sometimes a little less. Take for example, the website called This site will help you get your voucher sold.

"It looks like this one would take an offer because you can change it," Libranda said.

At CoupRecoup, you post your deal and wait for someone to make you an offer. On the flip side, if you are looking for a deal, this is a place to score a bargain on previous offers you might have missed.

Another website where can buy and sell group coupons is We found an offer to Planet Beach that expires in just 11 days. It's $20 for a coupon that has a value of $250. That's an even better deal than the original offer.

"So even on this one if you could only go for three or four days it would still be worth it for the $20," Libranda said.

A $30 voucher to the Texas Rock Gym for $15. The seller wants to recoup his money at the full price he paid. Other sellers are actually hoping to make some money off their coupons. Take for example the recent Whole Foods deal: The original deal was $10 for $20 worth of groceries; at, the price is now $16.49.

The bottom line is for the seller, these websites are a great way to make some money back; and for the buyer, you can land some rock-bottom deals. The best part is there is a drop down menu on both and that tells you which deals are expiring soon.

Both websites use PayPal so you can be sure it's safe. Although, you may be charged 3 percent for each transaction. Just be sure you read the fine print on any deal you are thinking of purchasing because there are some restrictions.

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