Electrical problem disrupts METRO rail line

METRO says an electrical problem shut down the light rail between the Memorial Hermann/Houston Zoo station to the Fannin South station.

September 20, 2011 5:09:48 AM PDT
A METRO light rail line was out of service for hours due to an electrical problem but it is now up and running this morning.

An electric problem had knocked out power to the rail system from Fannin south to the Texas Medical Center station.

Service between the Medical Center station and Fannin was at a stand-still and it reopened just after 6am. During the shut down, customers were served by bus shuttles between the impacted areas.

A spokesperson for METRO says yesterday afternoon a power line shorted inside an electrical box, causing rail service to halt between the Zoo station and Fannin.

Crews discovered wires inside that electrical box sustained heat damage and had to be replaced.