Boats damaged by strong winds in Shoreacres


When the storm came through this part of Shoreacres overnight it tossed some boats around like they were toys. We caught up with an owner who came here after the storm, just to make sure his boat wasn't damaged.

Three boats that were on trailers at the Houston Yacht Club in Shoreacres were battered by strong winds early Monday morning. The wind was so strong that it lifted the boats right off of their trailers, and even caused one boat to tip over and snap its mast in half.

Residents say the worst part of the storm lasted for about two hours with what they think were 45 mile per hour wind gusts. Neighbors to the yacht club even thought they saw a tornado or a water spout.

Some shrimpers told us they were scheduled to depart early today, and changed their minds. When they saw the damage to some of the neighboring boats, they were happy with their decision.

"We watched the weather and stayed home," said boat owner Donnie Stanfield. "The next thing I heard, when it blew through it gusted to about 45. We didn't even mess with it. We just checked the boat to make sure nothing was wrong. My shrimp net was wrapped around a couple of pilings, but it wasn't a big deal."

We're told it was so bad that a crew of shrimpers that did go out in the storm had to turn around and come right back in because it was too rough to be out on the water.

Some of the damaged boats cost in the range of $35,000.

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