Bond raised for person of interest in George Bush Park fire


Lonnie Ray Henderson is charged with impersonating a public servant. He was arrested Thursday behind the fire line at George Bush Park, where multiple fires erupted last week.

He was wearing full Houston Fire Department fire gear at the time of his arrest, officials said. But he's never worked for HFD.

At his court appearance Saturday night, Henderson stood with little to say as a prosecutor read the charges against him.

We learned this isn't the first time he has been in trouble with the law. Because of a prior felony conviction, the judge has raised his bond to $10,000.

Officials said Henderson was found Thursday night on a four-wheeler near the George Bush Park fire. Authorities said he claimed he reported the fire and was trying to help put it out.

According to the fire chief at the West I-10 Volunteer Fire Department, Henderson used to volunteer there, but turned in his uniform more than a year ago and has not volunteered with them since.

We found a 2010 fire certificate still displayed in his pickup truck parked at his home.

Arson investigators are still questioning Henderson about at least one of the fires at George Bush Park. He has not been charged for starting them.

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