Alleged bank robbery suspects arrested in SE Houston


It all played out in a very busy area, especially during the morning rush hour. Sources tell us the men arrested may be responsible for a string of bank robberies and the shooting of a law enforcement officer last month.

The commotion along the Gulf Freeway at Broadway during the mid morning rush hour was hard to miss. Through the Houston Transtar Jam Cam, you can see police had stopped what appears to be an SUV.

Irma Davila says it looked like a big operation. She had just opened her re-sale shop off the feeder road and told us she saw police pull over another car right in front of her business.

She says she saw the police cut open the car seats. They were looking for something. Law enforcement sources tell us investigators with the FBI's Bank Robbery Task Force arrested six young men believed to be serial bank robbers who've hit a number of banks in our area since last year.

Sources also tell us authorities are investigating whether some of the men taken in for questioning today were involved in last month's shooting of Harris County Sergeant Michael Ellison. He walked into a robbery in progress at the Randall's store in New Territory and was shot in the leg, shoulder and back.

Crime Stoppers later released surveillance pictures of the robbers.

Davila says the two men she saw police arrest looked young, in their 20's and admits watching it all unfold was a little scary.

No one has been charged at this point. A source tells us the FBI is still questioning those men.

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