Pet Chihuahua tortured during home burglary


Not only was the dog nearly killed, it appears he was tortured before the burglars made their getaway.

The break-in happened at a home on Jane Street in Pasadena. Police say the trouble all started on this block when burglars hit a house on the corner, then finished their dirty work by torturing a dog right next door.

The Chihuahua named 'Ike' is normally a playful and happy dog. But the pooch now appears terrified and in pain.

"It just hurts me seeing him like this," said owner Iris Garcia.

Ike's owners say he was brutally beaten, burned and stabbed by some burglars who broke into their home Thursday afternoon.

"You could see a little bit that his whiskers were burned off. His chin was burned," said Iris Garcia.

Police say the burglars tortured the dog by viciously beating him with a bat, stabbing him in the lower back and shoulder, and setting fire to the dogs hind legs and private parts.

All Ike's owner tells us she can think about.

"The pain that he's going through. How scared he is. How traumatized he's going to be even after," Iris Garcia said.

Police say they do have some leads on the mysterious burglar who broke in through the back of the family's house, poured baby oil all over the floors and tortured Ike.

"I got insurance for my stuff in my house. I don't care about my stuff. You know the way they hurt the dog is very, very bad," said Iris' mother, Irma Garcia.

The injured dog's owner doesn't know if Ike will survive. They say they just want the person who terrorized this four-legged member of their family off the streets.

"Hurting an animal is just as bad as hurting a person," said Iris Garcia.

The owners told us they named the dog after Hurricane Ike.

Right now, Ike is in seriously guarded condition. Police believe the crook who hit these homes could be responsible for a rash of similar burglaries in this area.

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