No charges in death of Harris County Jail inmate

September 15, 2011 7:38:52 AM PDT
A grand jury in Houston has declined to indict anyone over the death of a Harris County Jail inmate diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic

Grand jurors on Wednesday considered whether a detention officer who attempted to subdue 72-year-old Norman Ford Hicks Sr. should face charges. Hicks died Jan. 22 of complications from a heart attack after suffering blunt head trauma and a broken nose.

An autopsy determined the death was a homicide.

An attorney with the Harris County Deputies Organization says Hicks struck a guard, during a disturbance, after the inmate allegedly threw a human waste-soiled shirt on the jailer.

Relatives of the inmate say justice has not been done over the death.

Hicks was jailed for allegedly violating probation related to aggravated assault on a family member.