HPD investigating man's videotaped stunts


"P3W3", as he calls himself, thinks his online videos he shoots around Houston are funny. But they have angered others, including one man who wants to get police involved.

The Houston car enthusiast who wants to protect his identity came across a video that angered him and other automobile lovers.

Hopping across four vehicles, Marquis Green, 21, stomped in the hoods, doing hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in damage.

On his YouTube channel and Facebook page, Green goes by P3W3 or Mr. Disrespectful. And being disrespectful is something Green seems to enjoy, evident with his laughing as he pours a full cup of ketchup on a sleeping homeless man's face.

Needless to say, not many are laughing at his attacks on Houston's homeless or other people's cars.

The man who spotted the videos said, "The fact that he thought he could get away with it and he was proud, and he bragged about it, and of course he videoed it and posted it on Facebook and stuff like that angers me. And I wanted to put a stop to it."

So he researched P3W3 and found out his name is Marquis Amos Green. Green is 21 years old and is actually on probation. He figured since Green likes attention, he also forwarded the videos to his old teachers and law enforcement.

"I pulled his information of the school he went to and I sent it to his teachers and to his ROTC officer," he said.

We went by Green's home. He didn't answer. And when I called his cell phone, he said he's a standup comic who performs locally, and that people just don't understand his videos.

But some say they're clear -- they're videos of criminal damage and possibly assault.

The man told Eyewitness News, "Kids thinking they can get away with stuff, posting stuff on Facebook and YouTube, I want them to get caught."

Our viewer also wants to make sure other kids or young adults don't imitate Green's antics and wants other to know there will be consequences.

The Houston Police Department has received the videos and assigned an investigator to the case. They also ask anyone who has suffered damage at the hands of Marquis Green to file a police report.

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