Fire victim gets help from Facebook friends


For Lynn Taylor and her family all of it happened so fast. A fire a few miles away on Monday quickly closed in on her home in Remington Forest.

She said, "Within two hours we're literally running from this thing."

And two hours later, Lynn knew from aerial video it was all gone.

"I feel totally lost," she said.

Since then she, her mother and mentally challenged brother have been living with her sister and, though they have nothing to go back to, Lynn has a little guilt.

"I got away with a car full," Lynn said. "Some people got away with, if lucky, their car."

But she's getting the attention, with the help of a friend on Facebook

"It's just like this guardian angel," Lynn said. "He's really helping me, and I don't even... I don't know why."

A few weeks ago Lynn reconnected with Fred Appl, an old high school friend she hasn't seen in 24 years. Monday he saw her plight and set up a Facebook page to help Lynn and her family. The response has been overwhelming and she is grateful.

Lynn said, "I would just hug his neck and say thank you. In addition to the shock of losing everything in just, you know, minutes, I'm overwhelmed with what he's done."

Besides getting this attention, Lynn's home was insured. She knows others' weren't and that adds to her sense of guilt. She is adamant that this is not about her, so she plans to donate whatever she gets from that Facebook page.

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