Lawsuit filed in connection to Galveston bus-SUV crash


Lives were changed forever nearly eight months ago. Now three victims have filed two lawsuits seeking payment for their suffering.

Fifty-nine-year-old Olga Zamora says she lives now in pain every minute of the day. Zamora was among the passengers hurt in January on 61st Street, when according to police, an Island Transit bus slammed into a stalled SUV.

Zamora suffered back and knee injuries in the wreck that left her dependent on a walker and unable to work.

She and another bus passenger, who claims she was also hurt, are now suing the city of Galveston which operates Island Transit. According to the suit, the bus driver was "not fit," was an "unfit driver." Plaintiffs allege he failed to pay attention, control the speed of the bus, apply brakes in a timely fashion and take evasive maneuvers to avoid the collision. Further, the plaintiffs accuse the city of negligently maintaining the bus.

Also named in the suit though is Marie Volcy, the woman driving the SUV.

"I don't feel good," Volcy said. "I feel very bad."

She was left a quadriplegic by the wreck. She says the vehicle stalled that day, that she had her hazard lights, which is on contrary to what is alleged in the lawsuit. She says at least 10 cars drove around her vehicle before the bus slammed into it. Fault, she believes, lies with the bus driver and the city.

"They treat me very bad," Volcy said.

Volcy and her attorney say they have filed their own lawsuit against the city of Galveston.

We never got a clear picture what evidence the plaintiffs or their attorneys might have to make claims that the bus driver was unfit or even that the bus might have not been maintained properly.

Neither the city of Galveston nor the Galveston Police Department would comment because of the pending litigation.

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