Labor Day business down at Lake Conroe


One reason is the lake is low, a lot lower than it usually is and if we don't get any rain, the situation is going to get a lot worse.

The Lake Conroe public park is a good barometer for business. And on Labor Day, cars were lined up to get in -- except not as many cars and not as many visitors on a typical Labor Day Monday. As of mid-day, there were about 850.

"As many as 3,000 (normally). About a third; it's very off," said Deputy Mitch Dietrich of the Montgomery County Precinct 5.

That's an understatement. It's about as off as the water levels that have been declining from the drought and more recently, from Houston's increased reliance on Lake Conroe water. Where boats easily docked at lakeside restaurants, they're now landing on widening beaches. Stairs have been installed to climb up to docks and decks, and on a day when the lake would be dotted with watercraft, there wasn't much.

"It's Labor Day weekend, usually you see a lot of boats out here. Not at all (today)," said Laura Gamboa.

After weeks of blistering heat, the weather turned tolerable on the lake Monday. It was a great day for play and picnics, and without the crowds, that surprised the visitors who were here.

"Probably because the drought and the lack of rain," said Zulma Barranco.

We're not implying that it's a ghost town, but it's not a boom town on Labor Day either.

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