New scan technology shows gas station's history


Now the state is going to help you make sure you're getting the most for your money and easily let it know if you suspect you're being short-changed.

We have seen hundreds of service stations in the Houston area fail standard tests when it comes to the amount of fueling you are getting and the type. Now using your smartphone, you will know the history of a gas station before you get gas.

On Thursday, the Texas Agriculture Commissioner is requiring service stations to have a QR code on their gas station registration that consumers can scan and find out the complaint history of a service station. It is hoped the new system will cut down on stations that cheat consumers.

"Through this consumer information sticker, drivers can use their smartphone to on site, find out the history and the information about the location that they're filling up their car," said Todd Staples, Texas Commissioner of Agriculture.

Here's how it works: First, you need to download a QR code scanner app for your smartphone. Then you scan the QR code at the gas station. You will be directed to the state's website which will show your location and the inspection history. And you'll be able to instantly file a complaint if you have one.

If you don't see a QR code either on the pump or somewhere at the gas station, then you should call the state because something is not quite right with that gas station.

There are annual inspections for the stations, but with the QR code, you will be able to see the history and any complaints of the stations.

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