SUV driver gets stuck in W. Houston sinkhole

HOUSTON One driver found out the hard way just how quickly those problems can pop up Wednesday morning.

Cassius Bambamaji was driving home this morning and saw the water, but didn't realize it was a huge hole. The water main break bubbled up from beneath the road at Hayes and Lakeside Place, eroding the concrete and leaving a massive hole.

Bambamaji was by himself at the time. He wasn't hurt, but he thought his vehicle was going to flip once it sank steeply into the huge hole in the road.

"It hit with a big bang and it started rolling, but it was stuck somewhere with the side mirror of my car, and that was it," he said. "So I was just upside down with the other door looking down. I just opened the door, climbed out and started making some phone calls."

Authorities blocked the street to make sure no other driver ended up in the gaping hole. The City of Houston had crews work on the water main break and had the work completed by the afternoon.

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