Homeowners fed up with destructive feral hogs


That homeowner says he had to redo all his landscaping, but it's a frustrating situation for many people because the hogs just keep coming back.

We first met Missouri City homeowner Larry Watts a year and a half ago when unwelcome visitors kept coming on his property.

"They are back. They're back with a vengence," he said.

Once again, the feral hogs made a mess of his yard, his garden and the lillies farm his property was known for.

"They have sort of a spa across the road where they sleep during the day and then at night, they decide that we're the first place to stop in their little forage," Watts said.

It's been an ongoing problem in Sienna Plantation as the sun sets its prime time. Some homeowners have set traps right next to their house but they're never sure what they'll catch.

"It digs up our grass and everything, so we have to catch it and try to get rid of it," Sienna Plantation homeowner Jijo Abraham said. In Sienna Point, the hogs have been spotted out the front door.

"They're dark, so you don't exactly what they are at first so you look at it and usually it's a family," Sienna Point homeowner Mike Crummedyo said.

The housing developments are in Missouri City. Hogs go back and forth along many private properties.

"Hunting is a no-go in the community, and there's no shooting or firearms. People have tried the bow and arrows, but again that's a form of hunting so we don't allow that in the community," Crummedyo said.

That leaves few solutions, although lights and noise can scare them off.

There have been large scale efforts by professionals to try and trap the hogs but it really hasn't made much of a dent in their population.

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