METRO CEO returns to work after suspension


Several houston pastors attended Monday's METRO board meeting and expressed their opinions on how to move forward after the shocking revelation by METRO CEO george Greanias.

Greanias tried to make it as business as usual, but that wasn't the case. There are definitely still critics who want to see METRO CEO lose his job. But there are also people who are willing to give him another chance.

Living in a neighborhood on the front lines of METRO light rail expansion, the last thing Gwyn Guidy wanted was the METRO CEO under fire.

"I was very disappointed that he would have done such a thing," Guidy said.

Guidy was among the many who were shocked last month when the METRO board suspended its Greanias for accessing adulted-oriented websites over a METRO Wi-Fi network.

But after a week's suspension, Greanias was back on the job. Monday was the first board meeting since the controversy, where he had to listen as Dave Welch, of the conservative Houston's Pastor's Council, called for his firing.

"We cannot accept the board's light slap on the wrist of one week suspension without pay for Mr. Greanias," Welch said.

But Minister Robert Muhammed supported the board's decision to keep Greanias.

"I want to make sure that it's clear in METRO that every employee, regardless of their position, is treated the same," Muhammed said.

The METRO CEO says he's ready to turn the page.

"I apologized for what was a very bad mistake. The board's asked me to stay on. I met with all the employees and apologized to them directly, and now I'm back to work," Greanias said.

And for neighborhood activists like Guidy, they're ready to forgive.

"He's made a very foolish mistake. I don't think he'll make it again. He's brought enough to the table that I'm confident that he can still help us," Guidy said.

A lot of people are hoping Greanias can help keep the agency moving forward, especially through its current expansion projects.

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