Houston has its hottest day of the year


Temperatures reached as high as 109 in some areas, making today the hottest day of the year.

The official peak at 109 degrees broke the previous record of 104 for this day set on August 27, 1990. It also tied the all-time highest temperature on record in Houston -- ever.

Some people we talked to say they are loving the heat.

Others say they can't stand it.

But most of them agree, they would like some relief sometime soon.

In these dog days of summer, this extreme heat can be a bit much for anyone.

As temperatures quickly climbed to record numbers Saturday afternoon, people around Memorial Park did anything they could to cool off -- from families taking a break to take a quick dip in the park's pool, to runners taking frequent stops to catch their breath and stay hydrated.

Some of these folks said they don't mind the record heat and humidity hovering around Houston one bit.

"I can handle this versus the freezes we've been having the last couple of years. All my plants died, so I prefer this," George Murillo said.

The important thing is for everyone taking proper steps to stay safe.

Medical experts say it's really important to listen to your body on days like this. Limit your exposure outside and drink plenty of water.

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