More water woes surface at HISD school


Travis Elementary is the latest school to be added to a long list of schools dealing with low water pressue, creating challenges for the student body.

Principal Susie Walker showed us the water fountain and says its an improvement. The steady stream you saw Thursday afternoon was barely a trickle earlier in the morning.

"Last week, we started noticing that water pressure was lower than usual and they started looking into it, but really today was different than any other day," Walker said.

As a precaution, HISD provided bottled drinking water and delivered portable toilets to Travis Elementary near the Heights. It is the latest HISD school to experience low water pressure this week.

City of Houston water line leaks and break on Houston's south side has meant low water pressure. For two days in a row, Sterling High School students have been asked to use portable toilets, an option that has not been very popular.

"The smell is very nasty. And then the kids are pushing other kids down while they're in them, they'd be shaking them and it's disgusting," student Kevin Sanders said.

HISD officials are monitoring all campuses to make sure the A/C is working and water pressure is normal, but that is getting more challenging as the days get hotter.

"We can't control the weather, but what we're learning is how we can control the way we react to it," HISD elementary schools chief Sam Sarabia said.

At Travis Elementary, officials blame low water pressure on heavy usage in the surrounding area. Some parents blame neighbors who ignore city water restrictions.

"If everyone is just doing whatever they want to do of course there's going to be low water pressure and if that starts affecting the kids, then maybe people need to go around and start checking on who is watering at what times and on what days," parent Maren Haenicke said.

The other schools dealing with low water pressure are Sterling High School, Thomas Middle School, Attucks Middle School and Frost Elementary School.

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