Abandoned boy dropped off at fire station


According to a Houston Fire Department spokesperson, a woman brought the child to a fire station in northwest Houston around 11am Wednesday. Police and Child Protective Services were called to the scene.

CPS spokesperson Estella Olguin says the woman told authorities she was a friend of the child's father and she hasn't heard from him for about a month. Since she could no longer care for the boy, Olguin said, the woman took him to the fire station on West Little York at Hanes.

Olguin says the boy appears healthy and is talkative. He will either be placed with family members, if they can be located, or with a temporary foster home. There's no word if the boy has any siblings.

While the Baby Moses law doesn't apply in this case, since it covers infants up to two months of age, Olguin says the woman did the right thing by finding a responsible agency to care for the boy.

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