Top 10 new Texas laws for 2011


  1. Concussions in sports (HB2038):
    Any student-athlete showing signs of a concussion must be removed immediately from the game or practice and evaluated by doctor.
  2. Paddling prevention (HB359):
    Parents may now forbid school districts from using corporal punishment on children.
  3. Funeral protests (HB718):
    Those who want to picket a Texas funeral must end their protests three hours before a funeral begins. Protestors also must wait for three hours to pass when funeral services conclude.
  4. Speedier roadways (HB1201):
    Texas' new top speed limit becomes 85 mph, and truckers will no longer have a lower nighttime speed limit. The 85 mph speed limit will be applied only to Texas roads deemed suitable by state officials.
  5. Rape tests (SB1616):
    This law creates a faster timetable for the DNA testing process, requiring police investigators to submit rape-kit evidence for lab review within 30 days of collection. Those labs must then test the samples within three months.
  6. AMBER alert expansion (HB1075):
    This law expands the use of AMBER alerts to help locate adults diagnosed with developmental disabilities.
  7. Driver's ed screening (HB2678):
    All instructors of driver's education will be screened for felonies, including sex offenses, before they're allowed to teach.
  8. Don't mess with H2O (HB451):
    The state will implement its "Don't Mess With Texas Water" program, and signage at major highway water crossings will feature a toll-free hotline to report polluters.
  9. Bar violence (HB2707):
    The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission or a county judge will be able to refuse to issue or renew alcohol-sales permits to bars with a history of bar fights or other violence.
  10. Pork chopper (HB716):
    Texas landowners may lease helicopter seats for feral hog and coyote hunts on their property.

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