Profile: Ron Paul


Age: 75

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Ran for president in 1988 as a Libertarian and in 2008 as a Republican

EDUCATION: Paul is a graduate of Gettysburg College and the Duke University School of Medicine, where he earned his medical degree.

FAMILY: Carol Paul (wife); Children: Ronald Paul, Jr., Lori Paul Pyeatt, Senator-elect Randal Paul, Robert Paul, and Joy Paul-LeBlanc

PROS AND CONS according to ABC News' Amy Bingham, Maya Srikrishnan, Jared Pliner, Jennifer Schlesinger and Josh Goldstein

    PROS: Committed core of supporters who will walk over hot coals to cast a ballot for him. Ability to raise big money online from those who are attracted to his libertarian philosophy.

    CONS: Positions on Iraq/Afghanistan and legalizing drugs put him at odds with a majority of the GOP base. Committed by narrow sliver of support that is tough for him to expand.

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