Man accused of having sex with 14-year-old family friend


Authorities confirm now that they arrested Billy Barrett, 43, at the home on Wednesday, only after Eyewitness News called the district attorney's office asking if he had already bonded out of jail.

A man who would not identify himself briefly spoke with one of our reporters at the home earlier in the day. In full disclosure, it's unclear if that man was Barrett. But we called asking investigators if it might be and that's apparently when they sent Jersey Village police out to attempt to serve an active arrest warrant for him.

According to court documents, Barrett lives in the 16000 block of Acapulco in Jersey Village. A probable cause document shows him accused of sexual assault of a child -- a 14-year-old girl.

According to that filing, the girl identifies Barrett as a family friend. She told officers that he allegedly drove her to his home back in May in an effort to supposedly get some of his clothes. She told detectives that once inside Barrett gave her a soda and that "...after a few minutes she felt as if she could not walk and that she went to sleep."

The teen claims she woke up to find Barrett on top of her, allegedly having sex with her.

Here's the exchange between that man who answered the door and Eyewitness News Reporter Demond Fernandez.

    Demond: Hi. How you doing?
    Man: Pretty good.
    Demond: Are you Billy Barrett?
    Man: What's this about, sir?
    Demond: Is Billy Barrett available?
    Man: What is this?
    Demond: An arrest warrant for him.
    Man: For what?
    Demond: Sexual assault of a child.
    Man: OK.
    Demond: Are you Billy?
    Man: And who are you?
    Demond: I'm Demond Fernandez with ABC13.
    Man: OK, I don't need (unintelligible)
    Demond: Are you Billy?

According to that court document, the girl came forward with the allegation telling her mother three days after the incident what allegedly happened after the drugs had supposedly had worn off.

A judge has set bail for Barrett at $20,000.

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