Is Ron Paul being ignored by mainstream media?


"We got a big charge out of the headline that said, 'Bachmann in first place, Pawlenty in third.' They essentially forgot about us," Paul told Eyewitness News reporter Tom Abrahams in an exclusive sit-down interview.

Paul is not your typical presidential candidate, and that's exactly what his supporters like about him.

Some might call Texas Congressman Ron Paul the other Texan in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, especially after last weekend when he finished second in the Iowa Straw Poll on Saturday afternoon. But then he decided to fly home to Lake Jackson that night because he says nobody from a television network was interested in interviewing him.

This is not Ron Paul's first rodeo. He's run for president before.

When we asked Paul why he wants to be president, he replied, "That's a pretty darn good question. My main goal is that the views I express and the economists I follow have answers."

But even he was surprised at the lack of media attention he got after finishing a close second to Iowa Straw Poll winner Michelle Bachmann.

"Yeah, I'm disappointed because most of us like to see that we get credit for some achievements and I personally believe that we did have an achievement and it reflected good organization," said Rep. Paul.

He wasn't the only one who noticed. But Paul says what matters most is that he thinks his message is resonating with voters. Last quarter, he raised more money than any Republican candidate other than Mitt Romney.

"I am convinced personally that the views I express are the views that the majority of the American people want. And that the other candidates can't quite say it," Paul told us. "They can't come down hard on our useless expansionary militarism around the world and all the money we're wasting there. They don't talk about the Federal Reserve. They don't have a full expression of personal liberties and what's happening at airports -- invasion of our privacy."

And Paul says, regardless of media attention or the lack of it, he can win the nomination and beat President Obama head to head.

"Obviously I think so or I wouldn't run," Paul said.

The entirety of our interview with Representative Paul is on our website, unedited, and includes questions from some of Tom Abraham's Twitter followers. They sent Tom the questions, he asked Paul and he candidly answered them -- including one that asked if Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke would get beaten up if he came to Texas.

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