A&M move could lead to big changes in Houston


Texas A&M University has been looking into joining the Southeastern Conference, but the Aggies are not going to the SEC after all -- at least not right now.

This has become a complicated issue and it may yet result in the Aggies leaving the Big 12.

Money, as is always the case, is at the center of the issue. But on Sunday, the SEC university presidents put at least a temporary hold on the proceedings.

They met Sunday in Atlanta and exited the meeting saying they are not going to expand from their current 12-team alignment. They also added they are not closing the door on expansion in the future.

Some believe the Aggies may still walk through that tiny opening.

The A&M board of regents meets Monday, and the sense is they could exit their meeting by announcing they plan to move to the SEC.

Be aware, the president at the University of Arkansas said after Sunday's meeting that A&M approached the SEC, and not the other way around. Perhaps the SEC is just waiting for the Aggies to make their desire public.

Meanwhile, the University of Houston Cougars wait and -- most likely -- hope the Aggies do move. Chances are excellent that an Aggie move out of the Big 12 will result in a UH move into the Big 12.

That would bring in the Houston television market and it would get the Cougars out of C-USA, where there is no BCS tie-in and the teams that come to play at Robertson Stadium do little to stir up the fan base.

Instead of Marshall, Memphis and UAB coming to town, for example, it would be Texas Tech, Texas, Oklahoma and Baylor. That would also help speed up donations needed to upgrade facilities in Houston.

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