Expensive weaves, clippers stolen from beauty salon


The salon on Westheimer near Joel-Wheaton was hit Thursday night. The shop owner says the crooks knew exactly what they were looking for.

We're now getting a look at the surveillance video from the break-in. It could help lead police to the thieves.

Bennett's Beauty Supply in west Houston store has only been open a few weeks and has already been hit. The owners say the thieves were so selective that it leads them to believe this is highly organized and related to other recent beauty shop burglaries.

Sheet rock dust emanates through the air on surveillance video as a crew of beauty shop thieves cut through a wall. Three different holes got them into the front store room.

"Just opened, still stocking, still putting things in, still bringing new things in and here we get hit now," Bennet's Beauty Supply owner Linda Pickney said.

Around 3am, thieves pried open a back door into the locked storage room and cut their way into the showroom. Once inside, they targeted specific items -- high-end weaves and barber shop clippers. They were so selective, the owners believe the items will be sold to other Houston area beauty shops.

"Hair, flat irons, expensive flat irons, clippers, blades, clippers -- they are looking for specific stuff -- so we know it's going to a hair salon," Pickney said.

The stolen hair extensions all retailed for $90 to $150. The clippers are $150. Between all the empty racks on the display wall and the busted cash register, the owners says it's about a $50,000 loss.

The crime is also similar to a beauty shop robbery in Missouri City in April. Sheet rock was cut through and thieves also crawled on the floor to avoid setting off motion detectors.

Another boutique was hit in May. Each time, high-end hair extension were the target. Employees believe a crime ring is at work.

"They are taking specific items; they are coming to get your blacks, the darker colors and certain types of clippers," employee Don Hilliard said.

In the business for almost 30 years, Pickney says beauty shop break-ins have only become an issue in the last couple years.

"I have been hit three times, so I'll just be glad when it's over," she said.

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