Man who says he's running for City Council arrested in prostitution sting


Terrance Hall claims he's running for Houston City Council District B but has not registered as a candidate. Now, his future in local politics may be in jeopardy after he was busted in a prostitution sting.

Registered or not, Hall is making his political aspirations abundantly clear. He has a Facebook account identifying himself as a candidate for District B, and he also had what appears to be a campaign video posted on YouTube.

But his mug shot is how voters in District B may remember him from now on. On Thursday, the 25-year-old was arrested during an undercover police sting and charged with prostitution.

"No, Terrance is not here. What do you need him for?" a woman at Hall's last known address told us. "He's not here."

The woman says didn't know anything about the allegations or his whereabouts. Police arrested Hall around 11am Thursday in the 3400 block of Liberty in northeast Houston, an area where prostitutes are known to congregate.

"I see it every day, all day long," resident Lydia Alexander said. "I see girls getting picked up in cars and dropped off and dope dealers and just about everything you can imagine."

Hall is accused of offering a female undercover officer money in exchange for sex. He was taken into custody, police say, after the details had been agreed upon.

"That's sad. I hate that. That's real bad," said Sammie Dorsey, a business owner.

Whether or not he runs for office, Dorsey says Hall is definitely not the kind of candidate she'd support.

Hall was released on a $500 bond.

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