Prized horse remains missing following deadly fire


The name of the missing horse is Whiskey Lullaby, a seven-year-old award winning horse. Her owners originally thought she was killed in the fire, but now they think someone took her.

Whiskey Lullaby's owners have been searching for the past few days since that fire ripped through the large barn, killing 13 horses. The horse is still missing and was believed to have escaped during the fire.

Professional search teams were able to track the horses hoof prints a few miles away from the barn, but also noticed tire tracks from a truck and a trailer. Whiskey's owner believes someone may have stolen her horse.

"This is hard," said horse owner Carissa Shumaker. "I love this horse and I need her back and if there is one good thing that could come out of all of this is, finding her alive would be it. So there you have it."

They are also offering a reward for Whiskey's return.

At least 14 horses survived this fire with burns and minor injuries. Whiskey's owner fears that Whiskey may have suffered some burns and she's hoping for her safe return.

Debris from the farm caught fire again last night so firefighters returned back to the scene to put out hot spots.

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