Proposed Sharpstown nightclub comes under fire


In the heart of Sharpstown, St. Agnes Academy has broken ground on a brand new sports facility. What they don't want as a neighbor across the street is a proposed nightclub, the El Corral.

"We just want to have a positive impact on the Sharpstown community. We want our community to be a safe community for all the people in the Sharpstown area," said Sister Jane Meyer, Head of School at St. Agnes Academy.

Last week, the all-girls school filed a lawsuit against the city of Houston and the club's owners -- the latest round in a 19-month neighborhood battle.

"I have a problem with a huge after-hours facility that serves alcohol until two in the morning and expect 3,000 people to be there," said State Rep. Scott Hochberg.

The management of the PlazaAmericas complex says the owners are responsible business people who have followed all the rules for getting a liquor license, and one should be granted.

"This case has been in front of a judge four times. It's been in front of city of Houston, the TABC twice, there is no reason why it shouldn't be granted," said Justin Segal of Boxer Property.

City of Houston's legal department says it sees no legal grounds to object to the project, and as a result, has found itself, along with the club owners, on the defending end of a lawsuit brought on by a neighborhood that simply doesn't want another nightclub.

"We'll continue to fight it. It is not a good thing for this community. It's never been something good for this community," said Margaret Mitchell with the Sharpstown Management District.

The nightclub is waiting for the TABC to rule on granting the business a liquor license, and says it is doing everything by the books.

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