Suspect killed in deputy involved shooting in NW Harris County


"Traffic stop was done in the middle of the traffic intersection; at that point, they decided to take him into custody," said Harris County Sheriff's Office Spokesman Deputy T. Gilliland said.

Around 4pm Friday afternoon, sheriff's deputies and the Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force tried to arrest a fugitive on felony warrants. Officers tried to do this in the middle of the heavily traveled intersection of West Highway 6 and West Road.

"They got around him, surrounded him; at that point, the deputies came around the vehicle and attempted to extract him from them," Gilliland said.

With officers beginning to surround the vehicle, deputies say the suspect tried to escape and drove right at them.

"He at that point drove his vehicle towards the deputies, hitting one. At this point, our deputies discharged their weapons, striking the car," Gilliland said.

The suspect kept going along Highway 6, and that's when officers fired again.

"One of our deputies then discharged his weapon into the vehicle, striking the suspect," Gilliland said.

The suspect's car, now full of bullet holes, rolled a short way then stopped. He would later be pronounced dead at the hospital.

The deputy struck by the suspect's vehicle was not hurt.

In two related incidents, a deputy working traffic after the shooting had his feet run over and suffered a broken ankle. Another deputy, who chased a truck that ended up not being involved in the shooting, crashed into a tree. That deputy suffered head and chest injuries.

We asked the sheriff's office to tell us the name of the suspect and what crimes he was wanted for. The sheriff's office has not returned our call.

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