Woman claims maintenance men violated her privacy


It was at the Crest Apartments on Wilcrest where former tenant Stacy Knight says a couple of maintenance men violated her privacy early this year. In a lawsuit, the woman claims those workers went into her home unannounced, allegedly looking for a water leak, but ended snooping through her closets.

A woman who identified herself as the assistant property manager told me she's familiar with the allegations.

"Yeah, but we're not allowed to talk about it," she said.

In her lawsuit, Knight claims those maintenance workers took snapshots wearing a Halloween wig they found in her closet and her boyfriend's work uniform. She claims the men sent those photos to an office worker who posted them on Facebook.

Renters we talked to say the allegations are disturbing.

"That's kind of stupid, you know," said tenant Darryl Smith. "You've got a job. You are working for the apartment complex. You're putting on the lady's clothes and her husband's clothes, and you just getting yourself in trouble. You're going to lose your job over some stupid stuff."

The woman's lawyer told us the complex violated an agreement that no one was to enter her unit unless or until she was there. Other tenants told us they've had no problem with maintenance there.

"The maintenance men is good with us," said tenant Noe Nzejesus.

A spokesperson from the Crest Apartments management company MSI, Ltd. sent Eyewitness News a statement saying, "We are innocent of all the allegations and it will be proven in court."

Knight immediately moved from the complex after finding those alleged photos on Facebook because her lawyer says she was in fear.

"That makes me think I'm going to be more aware now. The next time the maintenance people come to my house, I'm going to check more of my personal things," Smith said.

The woman's lawyer says all renters have a right to quiet enjoyment of property and to feel secure.

Both sides say they're prepared to battle this out in court.

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