Student's project raises $40,000 for abused women

HOUSTON Last summer Memorial High School student Sebastian Gupta was challenged by his parents to embark on a project that would both further his knowledge of engineering and benefit a local charitable organization.

Sebastian took mom and dad up on it and created "The Saab Project," in which he took a 2000 Saab 9-5 sedan and worked to restore it to factory conditions. He would then auction it off and give the money to charity.

Well, he did it, but the amount of money he raised exceeded his expectations...four times over! Sebastian had hoped to raise $10,000, but because of the attention he got from the media, an executive from Saab of North America learned of the project and upped the bid significantly.

"This project touched me in that Sebastian was taking the initiative to make an impact on the Center and improving his part of the world in his own way," explained Saab Cars of North America President and COO Timothy Colbeck.

The Saab Project raised a combined donation of $40,000, a combined donation by IQ Products Company, a business owned by Yohanne and Linda Gupta, Sebastian's parents and SCNA.

"We are very proud of Sebastian's hard work and the example he leaves for other students to follow," expressed his parents, Linda and Yohanne Gupta.

Check out videos and photos of "The Saab Project."

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