Marvel: New Ultimate Spider-Man boasts big changes

PHILADELPHIA, PA Marvel Comics says the mantle of the famed web-slinger -- killed earlier this summer in the pages of Ultimate Spider-Man by the Green Goblin -- is being taken up by Miles Morales, a half-black, half-Hispanic teen keen on following in Parker's steps.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis called the new Spider-Man, who debuts in issue No. 4 of "Ultimate Fallout" on Wednesday, a chance to tell new stories about Spider-Man.

As part of that change, the red-and-blue suit will make way for a sleeker look and Morales' powers will be similar but different, too.

Spiders, Bendis said, have a range of different abilities that are unique to them.

The first issue of the new series, "Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man," is out in September.

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