Ceiling collapses on woman in apartment

HOUSTON Tiffany Brown said she was napping Saturday afternoon when the ceiling collapsed at her home in Wyndham Oaks Apartments on S. Kirkwood at Westheimer in west Houston.

"The only thing I remember is the fire department in here, digging all this stuff from up off of me," Brown said.

It knocked her unconscious and she was rushed to the hospital.

"Luckily, it didn't kill me. I thank God that I'm still alive because this sheetrock is real heavy," she said.

Brown's father, Solomon Sampson, witnessed it.

"It was like crackling first like, then boom," he said.

His bedroom is worse than hers.

"[The crack] started right here, then it got worse. [It went] farther, farther up to the corner. That just recently came in the last few days," he said.

Sampson said he's complained to management about the cracks at least three times in the last six months. The most recent complaint was made last week, he said.

"He said he'd come back and plaster it. We hadn't seen him. That was three or four days before this happened," Sampson said.

We went to the leasing office to ask why nothing has been done.

"We can't have y'all here on property. We were just made aware of the situation. We are investigating it, and we are getting it taken care of," a person in the leasing office said.

A survey of the property indicates city of Houston inspectors will likely have questions, too. We saw grossly uneven foundation in the parking lot and on sidewalks, and deep cracks in other apartments.

For now, Sampson and his daughter sleep with one eye open and will wait to hear from management or the city before making their next move.

Beth Van Winkle, the regional vice president of Milestone Management, said she will check on any outstanding work orders at Wyndham Oaks on Monday morning. She said their construction manager has identified some of their buildings as needing foundation work.

Brown's building wasn't one of the buildings identified, but they will check that building tomorrow as well, she said.

According to Van Winkle, repairs were underway Sunday to get sheetrock back up in Brown's apartment.

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