Santa Fe considers annexing five nearby lands


Some of the affected residents are unhappy about the proposal, saying they don't want to give up their rural lifestyle and the benefits they have living outside the city limits.

For Bobby Parker, its all about freedom.

"We moved out here from the unrestricted freedom of doing what we want to do out here," he said.

He bristles at the thought of his home and other in the rural community of Algoe being annexed by the nearby city of Santa Fe.

"Anything that raises my taxes is not a good thing," Parker said.

The city of Santa Fe is considering annexing five different areas of land, adding about 1,200 acres to the city's size and about $33,000 more per year in city taxes. City officials say annexation would control and regulate future growth, as well as secure property from annexation by other municipalities.

But Paula Moralez doesn't see any benefit. As owner of Paula's Tacos To Go in Algoa, she says having to pay city taxes would mean an increase in her prices.

"It's probably gonna mean about 5 or 10 cents more," Moralez said.

"Why would do you think that's going to hurt your customers?" we asked.

"Because they're already hurting and they don't want to pay that much," she said.

However, some neighbors are more optimistic, believing annexation can help Santa Fe.

"If the increased tax base can support any infrastructure expansion, then yes," said resident Vince Malfa.

"They need to do it, 'cause if they don't, somebody else will because everybody is gonna grow," resident Crystal Stroud said.

The annexation proposal is still being considered by Santa Fe city officials. They're expected to take their final vote on the matter sometime within the next three months.

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