Sports store offers used equipment

HOUSTON But instead of buying new sports equipment, how about buying used? It can save you more than half off the retail price. Just like clothes, kids can quickly outgrow their sports equipment. So whether it's a bat or helmet, it will pay you to buy used.

On top of back-to-school clothes and supplies, Danny Vazquez has to chalk up another expense for the fall.

"I've got Brayden, who's five, and Brayden plays football, soccer, basketball and baseball and Zach, who's nine, and Zach plays basketball, baseball, track and football," Vasquez said.

Sports equipment can add up quickly!

"Probably between $5,000 and $7,500," Vasquez said.

So instead of buying new, Vazquez has decided to by used at a store called Play It Again Sports, a place that carries new gently and used sports equipment.

"It's potentially a $150 item that I'm getting now here for $30," he said.

Parents say a quality glove can run you $75. We found them used at Play It Again from $4.99 to $14.99.

"I've bought my son a used glove before and it was ready to go right out of the store," parent Tracy King said.

High-end bats can easily run you $250; you can get them used for $80-$120. New football shoulder pads retail for $30 to $60 bucks - at Play It Again, they're $15-$30.

"A good, safe football helmet is probably going to run between $80 to $150 new. That same helmet in our store used is going to cost somewhere between $40 and $60," Play It Again Sports employee Logan Clark said.

At Play It Again, they will also buy your sports equipment and pay you cash on the spot.

This is how it works. An employee will check out the equipment and determine its value. For example, a few bats they bought back had a few scrapes on them but were still in great shape. The value was $300 -- cash right on the spot. But there are other ways to make even more money.

"You're gonna make the most if you consign it. You'll get 55 percent but you don't get paid until it sells; store credit towards another bat today is gonna be $111.60 and then just a check is going to be $93," another employee said.

You can also trade in your sports equipment. This might be a great way to trade up with out forking over a lot more money.

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