Couple creates dolls with positive message


We all probably played with Barbies when we were younger, but this is something completely different. It's the inspiration created by a husband and wife hoping to take the initiative worldwide.

Trent Daniel grew up playing with action figures.

"It was manly dolls, but I would have a Barbie doll that would date one of the GI Joe guys," he said.

In business, you should do what you know; and now Daniel and his wife, Sarah, have turned their attention back to dolls.

But these are not old-fashioned ones. They're known as Prettie Girls, a multi-cultural depiction of so many girls today - from African to African American to Latino and bi-racial blends.

"We wanted to create dolls that were multi cultural but that still reflect positive imagery, reflected education, they're successful, they're dreamers, they want things," Trent said.

Each doll is assigned a personality and a story. Valencia is from Mexico and athletic. Lena is American; she's smart and sophisticated. Kimani is African, cute and a great friend. Dahlia is Middle Eastern, an extrovert with a rescued puppy, the bio reads.

All their stories are created by Sarah, the creative consultant for Prettie Girls.

"They're also caring about the planet. They also love to eat right, stay healthy so there's an underlying message to what the word 'pretty' should mean," Sarah said.

And how pretty looks. The girls are dressed fashionably but modestly, and unlike some dolls' pronounced silhouettes, the dolls are more realistic -- all part of the message beneath the appearance.

The dolls will start going on sale in a few months. Prices start around $17.

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