Houston red light cameras begin issuing tickets

HOUSTON Houston police say they are now ready to begin ticketing traffic violators caught on red light cameras. Not everyone is happy with the news.

"Ah, that doesn't sound very good," Houston driver Mark Keller said Saturday. "I have an attorney that takes care of some of my traffic tickets, because I drive a little fast sometimes."

The red light cameras were turned back on July 9 amid a lot of controversy and public protest after the company that runs the cameras -- American Traffic Solutions -- sued the city of Houston.

"I just don't see how you can go against the voice of the people. It's a democracy, and that goes against that," Chris Nardozza said.

Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland Jr. says his department has spent the past two weeks making sure the red light cameras are running properly.

"We had to get our software up and running, and I want to ensure the public [that] when we issue you a photo red light citation, it's accurate. It's correct," McClelland said.

Supporters say red light cameras are a safety tool that could bring the city more money.

Now that 70 cameras are back online at some of the city's most dangerous intersections, red light runners can expect a photo citation in the mail.

"[I'll] just have to pay attention [and] make sure and watch for quick yellow lights, I guess," Keller said.

Houston's red light camera contract expires in three years, barring any court ruling. Mayor Annise Parker says the contract with ATS will not be renewed.

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