What's next for red light cameras?


Voters wanted them gone, but as we reported Thursday tickets will soon be issued again starting this Sunday. But what's in store in the future?

The police chief says if it were up to him he would actually expand the program.

The cameras have been on and recording violations for the past two weeks, but police say they will only start issuing citations for violations starting at one minute after midnight on Sunday morning.

HPD Chief Charles McClelland issued a statement which read, "As announced yesterday, the Houston Police Department will begin monitoring and approving the issuance of red light violations captured by cameras at 12:01am Sunday, July 24th. Steps have been taken to ensure that traffic lights at monitored intersections are operating in compliance with State standards. While I believe that red light cameras are an efficient and objective use of technology that allow flexibility in the deployment of valuable resources, let me reinforce that there are NO plans to increase the number of cameras. However, the existing cameras may be repositioned to ensure they are monitoring the most dangerous intersections. I want to remind all citizens that running a red light creates an extremely hazardous situation for the entire motoring public so please remember to drive safely."

The cameras are now watching 50 intersections around town.

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