Owner runs over suspect after robbery


The robbery happened at a small office inside a strip center near the intersection of Northline Drive at East Little York. Ken Kobobel Jr., the son of the owner, says a man walked inside the office and demanded money. He says the robber became violent towards his father.

"He thought my father wasn't moving fast enough and he hit him in the head several times," said Kobobel Jr. "Don't know if it was the butt of the gun, but he hit my father on the back of the head."

Authorities say the robber ran off. At the same time, Kobobel Jr. says he drove into the parking lot and saw his father.

"He was in his car and rolled down the window and said we just got robbed and I was like let's go get him. I know what that means -- let's get him and hold him for HPD," said Kobobel Jr.

Investigators with Houston police say the robber ran about one block east before the elder Kobobel pinned the robber against a fence with his car.

"As they approached in their vehicle, the suspect pulled out a handgun and chambered a round by pointing the gun towards the complainant and the vehicle," said Ken Nealy with HPD. "The complainant struck the suspect with his vehicle."

The bullet missed Kobobel. Authorities say the suspect managed to run a few feet before collapsing. The suspect died at the scene.

Police say they recovered the suspect's gun and about $800 stolen from Kobobel. Authorities say Kobobel is cooperating with authorities.

His son says he agrees with his father's action to go after the man who robbed him.

"You work hard to have money and buy things. When someone wants to take it, why not fight back?" Kobobel Jr. said.

Authorities say they are also investigating the possibility that a second vehicle struck the suspect, but they have yet to confirm that. The suspect's name has not yet been released.

At this time, there are no charges pending against Kobobel.

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