Armed men terrorize family in their own home


The home invasion happened Saturday night at a home in the Oak Meadows subdivision in southeast Houston. The violent robbery has left the victims terrified.

Six months after they moved in, this father believes robbers targeted the wrong house. He says it was a terrifying four minutes where the suspects violently kicked his kids and even pointed a gun at his paralyzed father.

Wearing her favorite pajamas, a 6-year-old and her 8, 9 and 11-year-old siblings are having sleepless nights after what her father says happened when four armed and masked robbers kicked their way in.

"My girlfriend said they told her, 'Freeze and get down!'" said the father.

The father, who wants to remain anonymous to protect his family, says one suspect threw his girlfriend down, then gouged and sliced her with a knife while another suspect kicked his way into the 8- and 9-year-old girls' room.

"They were screaming to the top of their lungs," the father said.

That was happening as the father says the suspect tried to smother one of the girls with a blanket.

"The 9-year-old tells him, 'Leave her alone and get off her.' So he turned around and kicked her. The one that was under the cover, she opens up a window and jumped out," the father told us.

But the terrifying ordeal continued when he says one of the suspects went into his paralyzed elderly father's room, while a disabled grandson tried to protect him.

"He even stuck the gun in my father's back, telling him to get out the bed you (expletive). And my older son told him, 'He's paralyzed. You might as well leave him alone.' So the guy hit my son across the face," he said.

The father says he wrestled with one of the suspects while being beaten with a gun himself. The father suffered some cuts and bruises, but no one was seriously injured.

The suspects finally fled the house after taking something from one of the little girls.

"Nothing but $2 that my little daughter had in her purse," the father said.

Houston Police Department investigators told us they are looking into this case. So far, they have not identified any suspects.

Meanwhile, the family, who has only lived there for six months, is preparing to move.

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