Man shot multiple times by car thieves

HOUSTON Police are trying to figure out exactly what led up to this shooting. Eyewitnesses say a man stumbled out of a house and collapsed while yelling for help. A few moments before that, they heard several shots coming from inside the home.

Neighbors say two men -- one with a bandana, one with a mask over his face -- ran out of the house and fled in the victim's white Grand Prix. One neighbor says he called 911, and another says she ran to help the wounded man. She describes seeing that he was shot several times. Police say five or six times.

"They shot him on the inside -- boom, boom, boom! It was like almost nine times," recalled witness Clarice Marion. "That's why I had to hurry up and grab the kids. 'Y'all come on in the house!' I mean, I had my door open."

"I heard the guy say, 'Don't kill me, don't kill me, don't kill me,'" said witness Cheri Butler. "We was all on the phone trying to call the police at the same time. He come out and fell and say, 'Somebody help me, please. I been shot. Somebody help me.'"

Police say the suspects ditched that white Grand Prix not far away after getting into a wreck near Ringold and Depriest. They apparently got into another vehicle, possibly driven by an accomplice, and sped away.

Investigators tell us the victim's wounds are not life threatening, even though he was shot in the arm, abdomen, shoulder and at least two other locations. They haven't yet released his name or current condition.

Police are looking for those suspects and at this time have not released any description of them.

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