One person shot in Pasadena home invasion

PASADENA, TX "Is my neighborhood safe and is this a safe place to be in? How can I protect my home little better?" nearby resident Sarah Jones said.

The violent home invasion happened along Seminole Street. Police say several men kicked in a side door and stormed into a house around 4:30pm. Two men and a woman were inside.

"One of the males got involved in a short physical altercation with the suspects," Pasadena Police Department Assistant Chief Bud Corbett said.

Officers say one of the invaders had a pistol and fired several rounds as the group drove off in a pickup truck. One of the bullets struck a young man in the back.

"Another person in the house was shot in the back in the driveway as the suspects were leaving," Corbett said.

Officers have no clue as to what the invaders were looking for or why they targeted this specific home in a quiet neighborhood.

"What the confrontation was for or the reason for the forced entry, we still don't know at the moment," Corbett said.

Several people who live nearby say they find this shooting unsettling.

"Sure it is, especially when it's that close to your residence, amd you have a lot of children in the area, certainly it is," resident Jimmy Jones said.

"It's very scary. We're not even telling my daughter the truth," neighbor Amber Vasquez said.

"It's pretty nerve-wracking that it happened just 200 feet away from my house. It kinds just makes me want to be aware of everything," neighbor Brian Bostic said.

Police have not released the shooting victim's name or his condition. Officers have also not made any arrests or identified any suspects.

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