Bar owner fires shot at TABC agents

HOUSTON The shooting happened at White Swan Bar in the 4400 block of Navigation Blvd. in east Houston.

The bartender says it was a big misunderstanding that led to the shooting.

He said he had closed down for the night by around 3am Sunday, but forgot to close the door.

Around the same time, Houston police say two TABC officers walked up for a club check. They saw the door cracked open, so officials said they cautiously went inside to check on things.

They saw no one and got no response, so they quickly exited.

That's when they heard a single gunshot.

The bartender said the owner of the cantina -- who lives upstairs -- heard noises, saw flashlights on surveillance and thought he was being robbed.

He grabbed his gun and fired a warning shot.

That bullet went straight through the door.

Neighbors nearby say they agree it was a misunderstanding. They commend the TABC officers for doing their job

"The police was doing his duty, just to check out, because the door was opened at that time of night," neighbor Juana Delosangeles said.

It is unknown if the bar owner will face charges.

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