Chain reaction accident closes SW Freeway

HOUSTON It happened near Bellaire around 1:15am Saturday.

Police said the driver of a car -- possibly with a flat tire -- lost control, spinning around and crashing into a wall.

Drivers in a wrecker and a private emergency response vehicle saw the accident and stopped to help.

Officials said those two vehicles were blocking the lane with emergency lights when a small car came along. The car was traveling around 70 or 80 mph and the driver never hit the breaks, police said.

The car slammed into the back of the wrecker, pushing it into the emergency response vehicle that was in front of him.

The wrecker driver and the driver of the emergency response vehicle were both out of their vehicles helping the original crash victim when the second car came along. Neither of them was injured.

At least one person was taken to the hospital. Police are checking to see if alcohol was a factor.

Outbound lanes of the freeway were closed for about three hours.

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