Dog vanishes from grooming shop

HOUSTON A dog collar is one of the few things left behind at the Bonilla home to remind Salvador Bonilla and his 11-year-old daughter Alexandra of a small white poodle they called Gigo.

He said, "To this day we have not known what really happened to our dog."

Bonilla says his daughter and his mother took the dog to a pet grooming shop called Jobpops on Westheimer about three weeks ago, but they never got him back.

"They never called," Bonilla recalled. "So my mom and my baby Alexandra went back to check on the dog and they said maybe it's here somewhere. We don't know where it is."

There were no answers forthcoming either. Not even an apology, Bonilla says.

"They were not feeling sorry," he said.

We called Jobpops, even went there and rang the door bell. We were ignored by an older woman in green who walked towards the back inside the shop once she saw us.

Bonilla wants Gigo back for his daughter.

"There is no monetary value for that dog," he said.

But if that's not possible, he says, some answers would go a long way.

"They never said exactly what really happened to poor Gigo and they never showed us anything from Gigo," Bonilla said. "They just completely disappeared the dog."

Salvador Bonilla lost his wife to kidney disease about a year ago and the dog was a comfort to his daughter. He says the shop called to offer him another dog, but with still no explanations or apologies. And that, he says, he just can't accept.

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